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Penny Stocks Today Despite the bad press thrown the way of stock trading, it has remained popular because of its great potential in earning profits for its investors. Indeed, as little as it may seem for the big boys of the Big Boards, stocks can provide big profits. No matter the online broker you choose, however, you can adopt the criteria of rapid execution of transactions, reliability of work and reasonable commissions as your primary considerations.  Your choice in an online broker is a significant determinant of your success in penny stock trading since he/she will carry out your request for transactions, not to mention he/she can provide you with valuable trading insights borne of experience.

Choosing the Online Broker

You have two options in starting your exciting life as a member of the penny stock trading brigade. First, you can subscribe to the service of an online discount broker, which is often the best course in terms of cost savings. Second, you can engage the services of a traditional stockbroker willing to trade in penny stocks.

Choosing the Penny Stocks

With the thousands of penny stocks listed on both the over-the-counter bulletin boards (OTCC) and the Pink Sheets, you may have a difficult time separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Fortunately, you have many resources at your fingertips that can assist in your decisions about the hot penny stock choices.

Penny Stocks TodayChoosing the Entry and Exit Strategies

When you have chosen the penny stocks you want to invest on, the next step is to formulate a reasonable, logical and profitable entry and exit plan. You want to maintain a balance of earning as much as you possibly can while significantly lessening your risks. Think of the entry and exit plan as your way of controlling your greed and lessening the pain of losses. You can take the advice of the gambler in a Kenny Rogers song and apply it to penny stock trading.  You have to know when to hold your penny stocks and when to walk away.